Top 6 Christmas Tree Themes for 2013

Each year it is nearly impossible to narrow down the options to choose the main feature tree designs for our store. These feature trees are designed to illustrate wonderful colour options, as well as creative ways of using less traditional items in the tree.

Here are my Top 6 feature trees from our 2013 store. Each is quite different in style ranging from elegant to over the top whimsical. Would love to know which one you prefer.

The first choice is this incredibly elegant tree highlighting champagne gold, mint green, and soft tones of blue, pink and lavendar. I really like the use of the elves as an eye catching feature, and the soft tone foliage throughout the tree.

Christmas tree with elves, champagne gold and mint green.

Second feature tree is fun. I'm loving red and white this year and this tree is all about having fun with these two colours. The main focal points are the large lollies, and also the use of a very whimsical white garland throughout the tree that creates a great filler. Red and white Christmas tree

Third feature tree is back to elegant. Cream and gold with feature burlap ribbon. Simple elegance. Cream and gold christmas tree colour scheme

Next we move onto to another elegant option. Using predominantly German glass baubles, this tree is again elegant in style. Not too much. Not too little. Also really like the acrylic snowflakes matched with the different tone blues. (Note, if you like a colour like blue always consider adding a pop of cobalt to the tree. We have used a repeat cobalt decoration and it adds great depth to the tree.) IMG_1157

The final two styles are both whimsical. If you decorated a tree in either of the final two colour schemes but didn't bother putting the larger feature pieces on the tree (ie the squirrels or moose, but you could choose any larger decoration) it would be far flatter in its final appearance. white decorations on Christmas tree IMG_1144

So they are my favourite themes for 2013. What are yours?Save