Staff Class on making a Deco Mesh Wreath

It's taken me much longer than I had hoped (ie more than a year!) but I finally set a time with some of the staff to teach them how easy it is to make a wreath using deco mesh.

On Tuesday after closing the store we set to work. In about an hour and a quarter we had each made our wreath. The consensus was it was much easier than they had expected. A few of the staff also commented on how pleasantly surprised their families were with their efforts.

If you want to have a go yourself we have deco mesh available for sale. When you visit each of these pages you will also find a video showing exactly how to create your wreath. To inspire, here are the wreaths made by us, with everyone (except me) being a first timer.

Deco mesh wreath 1794511_10152683714900709_7626427099870429180_n 10665208_10152683715095709_1831077683383741289_nSave