Top 9 Christmas Decorating Trends 2015

This year I was lucky enough to visit two of the most significant Christmas decoration fairs in the world. The first was the Dallas Market and second Christmasworld in Frankfurt, Germany.

These 2 fairs, plus the offerings of the Australian suppliers provide us with the ultimate understandings of the trends for the coming year. As with most years, the trends show subtle changes from the years before.

One of the big moves over the recent years is the growth of blue as a primary colour, as well as creating a pop of colour in a display.. A few years ago we saw blues with silver and white. This year I saw a lot more of the blues with gold and champagne tones. So, based on what we've seen around the world,

I'm pleased to present our summary of the Top 9 Christmas decorating trends for 2015. Please comment and let us know which is your favourite theme, and whether you plan on using any of these colours in your Christmas decorating for 2015.

1. Frosted Wonderland

Clear and frosted glass, and acrylics, made a real splash in 2014 and are back again in 2015. As well as the traditional bauble shapes, icicle decorations are a big part of this trend. Frosted decorations are obviously the cornerstone of the Frosted Wonderland theme, and can be used alone for a monotone elegant finish, or blend with champagne and/or soft tones such as mint green or pale blue. They are also used significantly throughout many of the other themes including graphic woodlands, Winter Song and even Traditional Twist themes. Christmas Trend Board 2015 - Frosted Wonderland

2. Blue Moon

Blue is big in so many ways in 2015. Every shade of blue from pale blue incorporated with champagne or frosted decorations, through the turquoise and royal blue used as a pop of colour with the metallic and brown tones. Another big change this year is more blue and bright gold creating very strong, regal appeal. While we have had blues as a popular accent colour over recent years, they have predominantly been mixed with silver and white. This year the mix creates a far warmer palette. Christmas trend board 2015 - Blue Moon

3. Merry Metal

The past few years have seen interest in all metallic tones - from platinum, rich gold through to copper/bronze and more pewter/silver tones. While gold has always maintained its popularity, the inclusion of other tones of browns, bronze, coppers and pewters have been predominantly as accent colours. This year we have seen more exclusive use of these tones to create one of the hottest neutral palettes. Rich lustre, texture and elegance oozes from this combination. If the neutral palette isn't enought and you need a little 'colour' add a pop of colour such as burgundy, emerald green or even turquoise. Christmas trend board for 2015 - Merry Metal

4. Retro Fun

Retro has been a strong theme at the Dallas Market for a couple of years but we have seen very little of it in the Australian. This year, with the love of chalkboard art it has really grown in popularity. Black, red, white and apple/lime green are the colours to create this palette. As a side line, sweet decorations including reindeer and elves reminiscent of the 1950 styles have been seen scattered throughout many of the glittery, fun themes for this year. Christmas trend board for 2015 - Retro Fun

5. Glitter Christmas

We have seen lime/apple green for the past 5 or 6 years providing a great pop of colour. Last year emerald green came back into the mix and we see the strength of this colour again in 2015. Red and green are classic Christmas colour, but with the mix of green tones it continues to look fresh and fun. Christmas trend board for 2015 - Glitter Christmas

6. Peppermint Twist

Another strong trend is red and white, with a touch of green. The white being a primary component of this theme creates such freshness and light in the mix. One of the major assets in this theme is the whimsical decorations used to complete the look - elves legs/bottoms kicking out of the trees, Santa hats as tree toppers, reindeer ear picks, and bright florals all combine to create a fun look. Christmas trend board for 2015 - Peppermint Twist

7. Christmas Traditions

Christmas isn't Christmas without the appearance of red, gold and green. While soft champagne replaced gold, and apple green replaced emerald green in Christmas' past, this year we see the return of the traditional palette. Emerald green was big in 2014 (and was the Pantone colour of the year in 2014), and this year it continues to shine. There is also a mix of gold and champagne gold in this year's palette. Christmas trend board for 2015 - Christmas Traditions

8. Champagne

The other traditional favourite is Champagne or Platinum Gold. These soft tones ooze elegance and maintain their importance and popularity in 2015. In fact it is difficult to see champagne loosing its appeal and sparkle for at least a few more years. Christmas trend board for 2015 - Champagne

9. Nature's Noel

Nature's Noel creates texture and interest with the use of natural woods, wood finishes, and textured fabrics such as burlap ribbons and flowers. The wood tones are either lighter in colour and often combines with white, creating Scandinavian simplicity. Alternatively, darker tones of woods mingle with the woodland creates, and are mixed with traditional reds and greens for a warm natural glow. The woodland creatures including owls, squirrels and foxes, in tones through from natural browns to winter whites are a huge influence in 2015. Christmas trend board for 2015 - Nature's NoelSaveSave