Working to Open our Christmas Shop

So much stock. So little time. With the delayed arrival of our main delivery of decorations by 10 days, the last week has been go, go, go.

Being the first year in our new larger location (347 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills), during the buying season we increased stock levels by about 40%. All this additional stock was due to arrive over 2 weeks before we opened, however, due to shipping delays it arrived exactly one week prior to the opening. How I wish I had taken photos each day as the chaos slowly disappeared during this week, and a shop was created. The entire team was working extremely long hours and by Thursday afternoon, the day before our scheduled opening, the job was done.

The main point is, we made it, and we are delighted with our Melbourne Christmas shop for 2013. The store is now open Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm. From October it will be open 7 days a week. This is our main display room on Friday morning 30th August.

Christmas shop boxes

Boxes at the My Christmas store one week before opening.

This is how it looked one week later ready for our Grand Opening on Friday 6th September. Toy soldier display The gold, green and red Christmas roomSave