Raz Imports 2014 Christmas Trees - Part 2

Time to reveal the second half of the Raz Imports 2014 Christmas Trees. Raz has moved to a slightly more traditional style this year with many of their feature trees in the utilising gold, red and green (and various combinations). Of course, Raz also knows how to have fun and their range of elves, snowmen and bright colours are sure to put a smile on any kids face at Christmas.

One of the big trends Raz, and other suppliers were showing this year was lots of clear glass, frosted finishes, and polar bears are huge this year. I would love to know if you have a favourite tree from this 2014 range.

Raz-Imports-Naturals-Christmas-Tree copy

Soft mints and champagne gold shine throughout this tree.


Jewel tones were a strong story from many American suppliers for 2014.


Bronze, browns and deep reds, greens give this tree a regal feel.


Having fun with a winter wonderland polar bear theme.


Raz shows us how to be adventurous when decorating our tree. Here they have used larger nutcrackers throughout the tree to create 'pop'.


Beautiful example of red as an elegant base to the crystal and clear decorations. Also love the ribbon wound throughout the tree.


Snowman fun, also demonstrating the use of red, green and white which is very popular for 2014.

Raz-Imports-Traditions copy

Traditional red, gold and green. Gorgeous.

Raz-Imports-Woods copy

Woodlands theme once again highlighting the use of larger decorations to create the 'wow' effect.