Raz Imports 2014 Christmas Trees - Part 1

Each year I love to receive the inspiring photos provided by one of our favourite suppliers, Raz Imports. Using their range of decorations, ribbons and foliage they show us how to create amazing Christmas Trees, mantels and table pieces. Their aim with these images is to show us how to use all their beautiful stock.

I know sometimes the trees have more on them than we are use to, but even so, use the images to gain loads of great ideas. For example, as I look through these photos I've seen some beautiful ways to use ribbon through the tree, how to use larger show pieces (such as the elves) to add 'wow' to the tree, how to use foliage to add a new dimension to the tree, just to name a few. Below you will see the first collection of these trees.

This year we are delighted to carry the biggest range of Raz Imports decorations we have ever had (including a number of exclusive items in Australia). Raz shows thousands of new products each year so we don't carry every line, but I'm sure we can help you create any of these looks with the stock that will be arriving later in the year (as well as working with your existing decorations). If you want help creating a package do not hesitate to comment below and we will get back to you shortly. I would love to hear which are your favourite designs.

Raz Imports 2014 Christmas trees

Arctic Christmas Tree

Raz Imports Champagne tree

Champagne Christmas Tree

Candy Sprinkles Christmas Tree by Raz Imports

Fun with 'Candy Sprinkles'

Cream and Gold Christmas Tree by Raz Imports

Cream and Gold Tradition'Home for the Holidays' Christmas tree by Raz Imports

Raz's 'Home for Christmas' 2014 designJolly Christmas Tree by Raz Imports

Jolly Christmas Tree[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1852" align="aligncenter"

Red and White Decorated Christmas Tree Save