Christmas decorating for the North Melbourne Football Club

One of the great benefits of having my own business is supporting other businesses, community groups, and in this case football clubs. As a life long North Melbourne supporter (for anyone not from Melbourne I'm talking about AFL or Aussie Rules football) I was delighted to provide them with some decorations for a special family day being held just prior to Christmas last December (2013).

Our deco mesh proved to be the perfect option for light weight garlands we could use throughout the room, as well as some wreaths that were hung inside and outside the club. We had already provided a larger tree that sits in the main foyer of the club, and so a second tree in the room allocated for VIPs just added a touch more Christmas cheer.

The best part of this job was being able to take my children along to see the finished products, but more importantly, enjoy the Family Fun Day and meet some of their heroes. Priceless!!

Thanks to North Melbourne Football Club for allowing me to support their community.