Visiting Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Brooklyn's world-famous Dyker Heights is known for its stunning Christmas displays showcased by local residents every year. So, we, like many others, came from miles away to walk through the gorgeous Christmas wonderland ourselves.

The magic started back in about 1986 - when the residents of 84th Street started to decorate their homes for the silly season. Soon, all of the neighbours had followed suit and it became somewhat of a spectacle as time went on.

To see the Dyker Heights Christmas lights, Hugh and I jumped on a bus tour - which also stopped at another Brooklyn neighbourhood on the way into town. And wow - were we greeted with light (perhaps how the three wise men had felt seeing the star...).

The Dyker Heights Christmas lights, magic on the streets of Brooklyn

The blue hues are reminiscent of a winter wonderland

Quirky, whimsical characters jaunt across the garden in this Dyker Heights front-garden

Thousands of lights, no doubt representing thousands of dollars, twinkled down at us from every window, chimney, crack and corner. With many residents employing companies to install their displays each year, it's no surprise they were so fantastic.

Like a scene from the Nutcracker

Old-school Christmas glamour to use as inspiration for your own Christmas

A mystical blue wonderland

Because we'd taken the earlier, 5 pm bus, we enjoyed the relatively quiet atmosphere.

We meandered around the streets in our own time, taking all of the Dyker Heights Christmas lightsin. I'd recommend going earlier, because you'll still enjoy them (it's still quite dark due to the time of year), without the hordes of people.

Decked out from roof to pathway in Christmas lights

The Dyker Heights Christmas lights: A classic, old-school glamour colonial house

The detail is in the bushes for this Dyker Heights home

A never-ending street full of Christmas wonder

Many of the Dyker Heights homes have their lights professionally installed

Wrap-around-pillar wreath and lightshow

Darling installation on the front of this house

Hugh and My Christmas CEO and Head Designer, Nicole

Santa greets visitors at this jolly home

Classic Dyker Height Christmas lights on a traditional home

When we'd finished, we returned to the bus. The whole trip took about three hours and was a wonderful way to finish a day in New York.

I hope you've enjoyed the sparkly photos of some of the lovely homes we saw.

I personallylovea 'manicured' style of Christmas display, so the homes with the windows framed and the trees neatly wrapped in lights are right up my street. The generous use of garlands, wreaths, simple red bows and ribbon as decoration was lovely to see.

If you'd like to recreate this old-school Christmas glamour in your home, get in touch with us to organise your one-on-one consultation. We're Australia's premier destination for luxury home decorations and specialists in magic-making.