Christmas Storage Solutions

Christmas comes but once a year — so what do we do with our precious Christmas decorations for the other 11 months? Ho Ho Hide them Away. The specialists at My Christmas can get you into “storage genius” mode, thanks to savvy space saving storage solutions. Here are a few storage secrets that will come in handy no matter what the size of your Christmas Tree. The first rule is to have a place for everything and put everything in it’s place. Exclusive to My Christmas, this great range of storage solutions are just what every decorator needs.

Tree storage bag

TREE STORAGE -When it’s time to disassemble the tree, My Christmas have a number of storage solutions. There is a tree storage bag suitable for all trees from 1.5m - 3.5m in size. Made of durable polyester with reinforced heavy duty

Christmas Tree Storage

ORNAMENT KEEPERS -Store hanging ornaments and keepsakes safely in the Ornament Keeper. A perfect storage solution for both large & small decor, the nifty design ensures your Christmas decor remain neatly packaged in stackable trays with removable dividers. You can also store lighting, tree skirts or larger ornaments in the handy side pockets. The 3 removable trays hold 72 ornaments around 4 inches in size, however you can remove the dividers to accommodate larger decorations. The Ornament Keepers are made from a durable polyester fabric that you can wipe clean and the inner steel frame provides additional support.

Christmas Ornament Keeper

WREATH BAGS -Available in 75cm diameter, the wreath bags are simply perfect for storing your beautifully decorated wreath. The Direct Suspend System attaches directly to the frame which prevents the wreath sagging to the bottom of the bag. The padded walls add more protection and allow you to stack your wreath bag.

Wreath storage

CHRISTMAS LIGHT STORAGE - There’s nothing worse than detangling strings of lights is there! The Light Storage system will keep your lights, cords and wire tangle free. 3 spools hold up to upto 30 meters of Christmas tree lights!

WRAPPING PAPER STORAGE TUBE -Think beyond Christmas! Say goodbye to a closet overflowing with unused wrapping paper. The Gift wrap storage tube is an ideal alternative to a cupboard full of chaos. It keeps it all in one spot, safely protected and ready to use!

Wrapping paper storage