Decorating your Front Door for Christmas

Looking for ways to add some Christmas to the outside of your home. While decorating the entire home and garden in fairy lights appeals to some, the logistics and time required doesn't appeal to others. So, aim to dress up your front door to create Christmas cheer for anyone visiting your home. Here are our simple tips:

1. Wreath Well, that's pretty simple isn't it? A gorgeous wreath on your front door. A few logistical issues can make putting a wreath on your door difficult so here are some of the solutions we have found over the years:

- I have a wire screen door so simply tying the wreath to the door with some thin wire secures it nicely for the season.

- If you have a high gloss door and you don't want to scratch it, consider backing your wreath in some felt to minimise the change of damaging the door.

- A wreath hanger over the top of the door works well for many doors. In the past when I have used these hangers I have also used some blu-tac to try and stop the wreath from banging on the door in any wind.

- If a wreath hanger doesn't fit over the top of your door try removable 3M hooks. Always follow the instructions and ensure the door surface is suitable for this style of hook.

Deco mesh and twisted red glitter sticks Christmas Wreath

2. Decorations inside If you have a window near your door, why not put a decoration, or simple lit tree, inside the window peaking out for visitors to see.


3. Variation on a wreath Want something different to a wreath, then why not try something whimsical like these Lisa Frost designs, or a tear drop decorated piece. (PS. This image is also a good example of using decorations inside the house too)


4. Garlands I love the thought of creating an opulent garland to surround my front door at Christmas. Unfortunately, due to my front door being taller than standard (in the image above) there is not enough room left to wrap the garland around the door frame without it getting caught up in the wire door. So alas, I will simply dream and admire the beautiful garlands created by some very clever designers and home owners. (FYI, you will find tips and a video on how to create a deco mesh garland right here on our blog).

5. Other ideas Simple ideas such as baubles hanging from the veranda, red ribbon wrapped around a pillar or a living Christmas tree in a pot, are all other simple ways of adding a touch of Christmas to your home this year.

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