Canterbury Village, Michigan – The Next Stop

About an hour South of Bronner’s at Lake Orion, Michigan is the gorgeous Canterbury Village.

This complex is a designated historic site in the state of Michigan. The main building, while extended, was originally an ornate barn, part of a “week end farm” for a wealthy local, William Scripps. When this property was bought by the current owners, Stan Aldridge and his family in 1991, they spared no expense in the redevelopment. Church arches, stained glass windows and giant wooden doors were all flown in from Europe.

This store is huge. It covers 2 levels of a very large building. Today, with the down turn in the local economy they are shifting to become more of a clearance store for Christmas. They had a huge number of items heavily discounted. Even with their range of clearance items, they still had a large number of decorated Christmas trees, a very sweet castle, and other feature pieces to make you go ‘wow’.

One of the biggest ‘wow’ factors to this store is their focus on Department 56. They have the biggest single deparment 56 display we came across (and they believe the biggest in the world, which wouldn’t surprise me). If you wanted to see Department 56 this is where you would go.