MyChristmas’ Festive Lights

From the simplistic to the extravagant; stocks such an incredible variety of christmas lights that most of their customers will feel spoilt for choice. Some are ideal for adorning a tree, while others may be better suited on walls, above doors and dotted around the home. Whatever your intention, here’s a look at some of their most eye-catching light products for your enjoyment.

Starburst Free-Standing Lights

These lights simply look fantastic on their own; grouped together and strategically placed around a room. As their name might suggest, they resemble a starburst pattern and each fibre-optic cable boasts its own light (which emanates from the base, along the length and then at the tip). They require mains power, which helps them to remain vibrant for as long as you want.

Battery Operated Starburst Lights

If you’d prefer battery power, this product could be a better option. They can be hung from most objects – and as they are lightweight, they post minimal risk of damage when properly secured.

String Lights

There are several string lights available on their website; from their 40 bulb string of LED lights that stretch up to 4 metres in length and boast a transparent colour, right through to their 100 strand warm white alternative. You’ll even find a variety of sparkling lights that can be connected for additional length and functionality, as well as a host of coloured bulbs that can be set to blink, or emanate a glow consistently.

Garland Lights

If you’re hoping to dress your garland and make it look as unique as it is stylish,’s mains-powered products may well be the way to go. They feature clusters of warm white lights, as well as coloured alternatives that can be strategically placed within a wreath or garland, or used to wrap around instead.

Cluster Lights

These hanging, eye-catching light arrangements are by far some of the most elegant that the website has to offer. Each strand runs for 3 metres and features over 50 individual lights, which shoot out in various directions in much the same way as the branches and needles of a fir tree might do.

Not only are the lighting products offered by the retailer quality controlled and feature their own warranty; they are also some of the most affordable on the market – which may well explain why every year, thousands of customers use the website to stock up on their festive decorations.