Meet Nicole

Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm the owner of My Christmas.

We opened our store in 2006. I had a 3 and 5 year old at the time and use to take my youngest with me to the shop to try and work and serve customers, while also entertaining him. I've always loved retail. I decided to start this business because I had been lucky enough to travel and could see Australia was not getting enough of the beautiful decorations that were available overseas.

We have managed to grow the business every year and I know this is due to the amazing team that work with me. While I spend a lot of my time at the desk planning, buying and creating what I hope are inspiring decorating tips and displays, the team are always there managing our enquiries and providing exceptional advice and support to our clients.

My favourite part of the job is when a client shares photos of their newly purchased Christmas tree all decorated, or table set for Christmas. Oh, and the other favourite part of the job is travel - I love being able to travel the world seeing stunning Christmas displays and sourcing amazing products.

I'm married and my kids are now teenagers. The whole family works during the busy season with my husband moving stock between the warehouse and the store, and the kids helping with pricing and re-stocking the shelves. The kids play basketball, football and volleyball between them, so when I'm not working I'm enjoying watching their games.

I'm quite serious - I love to see what you create. So, if you do buy some products from us, or find our decorating tips useful and you create something new please share it with me. It always makes me smile!