New York City Christmas Shops

Our final stop on the Ultimate Christmas Shop Road Trip was New York City. We were lucky enough to spend 3 days in NY and left safely a week before Sandy ripped through the area. In fact, I can’t imagine how eerie it would have been with so few people in the streets and so much of the city in darkness during the storm. A devastating time for all in the area. Here’s the first in a 3 part report on our visit to NY.

Before we get to the Christmas shopping there were a couple of other shops I wanted to check out in NY. Have you heard of Serendipity? It is an ice cream lover’s dream and an essential mid afternoon stop. All the sundaes are oozing with sauce, and are so big they are a meal on their own. As my hubby is the ice-cream King this was an essential (and delicious) stop.

First Christmas stop was Bloomingdale’s. The Bloomingdale’s display was fresh with white shop fittings and vibrant pink and red on the walls and carpet. They had a big focus on designers Christopher Radko and Patience Brewster. In fact, their Patience Brewster display was quite significant.

Bloomingdale’s also carry a big range of NY theme decorations, as well as themed Christmas trees and decorations to accompany the themes. While I enjoyed my visit to Bloomingdale’s I was a little surprised it wasn’t bigger and expected to see a lot more variety than I saw.