MyChristmas 2019 Themes - Scandi Christmas

Our Scandi Christmas theme makes use of toned back and neutral colours to bring a new type of light to your house. The champagne gold adds an extra touch of lavishness that completes our 2019 Scandi theme.

Product 1: Clip on Pink Poinsettia (view here)

These clip on poinsettia's are fantastic, they can be used for so many things. Add them into your Christmas tree to give it a more fuller look. Attach it to your table top pieces, garlands, wreaths or anything you can think of. And for only $6.50 each it would be hard not to find a use for these.

Product 2: Joy and Noel Glass Bauble (view here)

How lovely are these sophisticated glass baubles with wooden 'Noel' and 'Joy' written inside. These look absolutely fantastic on trees and can be picked up individually or separately.

Product 3: Clip on Champagne Feather Bird (view here)

These clip on feather birds are another valuable item. They work well with so many things. Add that extra bit of festiveness to any of your trees, garlands or wreaths.

Product 1: Pewter Ball 10cm (view here)

This 10cm bauble has a textured finished and is finished with glitter accents all around the ball. Made out of shatterproof plastic this Pewter durian glitter ball would make a fantastic addition to your Scandi theme Christmas tree.

Product 3: Dusty Pink Mercury Ball Ornament (view here)

This 10cm bauble is made out of shatterproof glass in finished in a light toned see through pink with flecks of white and silver.

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