Melbourne Christmas Shop 2016 provides Inspiring Design.

Each year we open our Melbourne Christmas shop for 4 months from September. While I wish we were sitting under a palm tree reading a great book in the off-season, it is the time when the store is closed we plan, buy and most importantly revamp our store hoping to create a wonderful new experience for everyone who visits. And of course 2016 is no different. (To see the summary of style and products for the 2016 Christmas themes visit the website).

So, throughout August we worked to create our new Christmas wonderland. Working with our Christmas Themes for the year, we decide our main themes for the season. Every year there are obviously some traditional colours that must be part of our display - silver, gold, red, green. But every year we see fresh styles and fresh uses of these traditional themes. Our store comprises 5 main rooms. Our first 3 rooms are full of our theme displays, then we have a room of Christmas trees and our final space for ball packs and craft supplies.

This year we decided our first feature display would be the Botanic Traditions. Focusing on the magnificent range of flowers, and picks that can be added to your Christmas tree or display, the colours are traditional red, green and a touch of gold. In this room we also have our whimsical display. Still using red and green, there is the addition of white and whimsical reindeer, santa and snowman.

Melbourne Christmas Shop, Room 1:

img_6352 img_6465 img_6463 img_6355 Moving into room two we are full of elegance. Champagne gold and soft sage green adorn our feature Christmas tree as part of our fireplace display. In this room you also find the funky Metallics range and also the Winter Wonderland.

Melbourne Christmas Shop, Room 2:

img_6399 img_6361 img_6450 And then, our final theme filled room is room 3. This year we have 3 feature trees. Our main display is full of stunning polish glass ornaments and bright colours. Another bright display is created with the stylish and fun "Holiday Dazzle" theme. Gold, white, black and a touch of hot pink is simply stunning. And finally, a softer addition of the "Silver Moon" with tones of blue and silver. We hope if you live in Melbourne you can visit our store, but for those who can't visit, we hope these images inspire your own Christmas decorating.

Melbourne Christmas Shop, Room 3:

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