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How to Make Strawberry Santa Hats

For our launch we created a number of lovely nibblies and drinks for our guests. One of the most popular, and the easiest to create was our Strawberry Santa Hats. Creating these little cuties was so easy. The ingredients needed are:
  • strawberries (slightly larger size is best)
  • white chocolate
  • white Non Pareils (I bought ours from a local cake decorating shop, West's)
  • mini marshmallows.
The steps are:
  1. Cut the bottoms off the strawberries. Try and ensure you cut straight so the strawberries will sit up straight.
  2. Melt some white chocolate
  3. Dip the base of the strawberries in the melted chocolate. When you have let quite a bit of the chocolate drip back into the bowl wipe the bottom of the strawberry against the side of the bowl to remove the chocolate from the base. Gently dip the chocolate part of the strawberries into the non pareils. Let them dry on a piece of grease proof paper.
  4. As these dry dip the end of a white mini marshmallow into the white chocolate and sit this on top of the strawberry.
The most important tip of all. As you have cut the end of the strawberries they weep a bit. Therefore only put them on the serving tray just before you are going to serve them. Easy Christmas Entertaining for all.