How to Decorate your Christmas Day Table

We all want Christmas day to be perfect- or at least start out that way. And the perfect way to set the scene for a very special Christmas day is with a beautifully set Christmas table. To give you a few ideas on simple Christmas table displays, we spent a couple of hours re-setting our table.

There are 5 key 'ingredients' to each of these simple but effective displays:

  1. Charger Plates. These gorgeous plates that are used under your dinner plate in stead of the traditional place mat adds an elegant tone to any table. Generally available in silver, red or gold.
  2. Table Runner. Check out the photos and you will see a few have been left in to show you what the table looks like with and without a runner. I think a great table runner makes the table.
  3. Bon Bons. It's just not Christmas without them.
  4. Napkins. In all these images we have used paper napkins. Makes cleaning up easier and adds a touch of colour to the table.
  5. Centre Piece. Remember, you need to allow room for your wonderful Christmas lunch, but if you have room a centre piece will complete the table setting.

Below are images of the processes of creating a number of table displays. You will see how each of the elements above help complete the finished look.