How to Add Ribbon to your Christmas Tree - Video

One of the most common questions we are asked is how you can add ribbon to your Christmas tree.  In the past of course ribbon was used just as bows, but today there are so many wonderful ways to add ribbon to your tree.

In this example we have used our technique of cutting and tying pieces of ribbon through the tree.  By cutting the ribbon we can use wire to attach to branches in the tree and place it exactly where we want to.

In the video below we will show you the steps  to create this stunning ribbon display.

In this display, which is a 2.28m (7.5ft) wide Christmas tree we have used the following ribbon.  Please note, we only dress the front half of the tree for the photos so you are going to need to double the quantities for the entire tree:

1 ribbon 38mm wide plus 2 ribbons 64mm wide.  It is important this is wired ribbo.

Of these ribbons we cut the following pieces:

2 x 30cm 38mm ribbon

5 x 40cm of each of the 3 ribbons

5 x 50cm pieces of each of the 3 ribbons.

The narrowest piece is used at the top, and then you work the next width down the top 2/3's of the tree and the widest pieces in the bottom third of the tree.  As you will see in the video we use pipe cleaners to attach the ribbon into the tree.  The key is to attach the ribbon to the tips/branches more to the middle of each larger branch rather than on the outer tips.  This helps get the curve and feeling the ribbon feeding in and out of the tree.