2020 Christmas Theme - Tropical Paradise

I've always been a fan of bright blue and lime green.  I'm sure it goes back to my teenage years when Esprit had it as one of it's popular colour palettes (yes, it is going back). 

As we planned our themes for this year we realised there were so many more beautiful combinations we wanted to share rather than just the primary store themes we were creating for 2020.  Therefore, when the store was closed due to Covid-19 in July we started creating other colour combinations to share with you all.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to put together a colour theme that I think is stunning in it's simplicity.  Turquoise, bright blue and lime green are at the heart of this theme.  You can also move into slightly deeper teals and sea green and include these, or the lighter blue tones in the mix.  This theme is so fresh and fun, but also has an air of sophistication.  

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I hope you enjoy our Tropical Paradise Theme.