Christmas Trends, 2018

Each year we like to identify the major themes or trends for the coming Christmas season. In 2018 there is a return to fun whimsical styling, as well as the continued interest in non-traditional Christmas colours including pinks and blues.

Just as it does in homewares, Christmas trends can sometimes come out of left field, whilst others are more gentle changes to previous favourites. Of course Christmas decorating is always going to have a strong emphasis on gold, red and green, but now we see more creative use of the various tones of these key colours.

Enjoy our theme boards below. Please comment and let us know if you have any favourites, or have already created displays using some of these colours.

Christmas Blush Christmas Theme: Soft pinks and rose golds have been big in home wares for a little while, and this trend is very strong for Christmas 2018. Once again, soft champagne tones are a perfect complement to this colour palette. View the range of Christmas Blush

Eucalypt Dreaming: We saw eucalyptus creep into Christmas decorating last year and this year they are everywhere. The tone is so elegant and works perfectly with pale blues, greens, pewter or champagne gold. Alternatively mix these soft blue/greens with Arctic woodlands theme. View the range of Eucalypt Dreaming

Christmas Magic: Ok, I love some of the elegant decorating themes we put out each year, but at heart I'm a big kid when it comes to Christmas decorating and Christmas Magic brings out the kid in all of us. Lively characters and sweet novelty decorations can be mixed with traditional Christmas colours, or incorporated into bright multi colour themes to bring loads of fun to your Christmas display. View the range of Christmas Magic

Santa's Sweet Shop: Another fun theme, Santa's Sweet Shop focuses on peppermints and gingerbread to add a touch of whimsy. This theme also incorporates white and pops of apple green to bring freshness to the styling. View Santa's Sweet Shop

Fantasy Christmas Theme: Our home styling has become a lot more streamline over recent years, often with whites as the focal colour. With this white back drop this new Fantasy theme oozes sophistication but also the colours bring a touch of whimsy. Personally I normally like soft golds rather than bright gold, but it is the addition of the gold that brings everything together and manages to create such a stylish display. I'll definitely be adding some of this theme to my home display for 2018. View Fantasy Christmas

Letters to Santa: Red and green are Christmas tradition and they are here to stay. This year sees a little tartan in the mix but a feel of true tradition with Santa's and reindeer of yester-year. View Letters to Santa

The North Pole Christmas Theme: Santa and snowmen are always favourites at Christmas and they are the focal point for The North Pole theme. Touches of black add a little depth as well as the use brighter and darker tones of red. View North Pole Christmas

New Nostalgia: Vintage and soft, New Nostalgia takes you back to pretty Christmas' of the past. Glass baubles and garlands, combined with pastel glittered houses are sure to set you thinking about how your family would have celebrated Christmas in the 50's. View New Nostalgia

Modern Metallic Christmas Theme: Metallics have been popular for a couple of years now. This year there are less bronzes and browns and more rose gold, soft gold and soft copper tones, as well as strong use of pewter to add contrast. New Modern Metallic

Checkered Celebration Christmas Theme: We have seen black and white incorporated with red and gold for a couple of years in the States, but this combination really marries these tones together beautifully, bringing with it sophistication but also a bit of fun. Personally I think the addition of white to the Christmas palette makes so many other colour combinations possible, and this is certainly true in the Checkered Celebration theme. View Checked Celebration

Arctic Woodlands Christmas Theme: We've seen the light wood themes for a couple of years now but this year there is even more emphasis on birch and soft whites to compliment the wooden tones. This theme also incorporates lots of pieces for both hanging on the tree and the table top that have LED lights to add additional sparkle. View Arctic Woodlands

I've also included 2 trends from 2017 as they remain popular in the 2018 colours.

Christmas Romance: Another great example of working with the traditional tones of red and green but really pushing the palette but extending the colour range into burgundy and raspberry pink. View Christmas Romance

Christmas Dreams: A few years ago we saw blues used almost exclusively with silver and white. Now we see blue tones incorporated with more champagne, or even bright gold tones. This year there is a touch of oriental to blend within the theme and we will be incorporating soft taupe to the palette. View Christmas Dreams

I hope you've enjoyed our take on the Christmas trends for 2018. Let us know your favourite Christmas collections.