Christmas Trees at MyChristmas

With an elegant range of stylishly detailed artificial christmas trees available at – is it any wonder why they’re quickly becoming one of the leading festive suppliers in Australia? Their flagship products are the wide variety of festive trees that they have to offer and here’s a closer look at some of their most luxurious.

The Cambridge Christmas Tree

With a natural look and a branch layout that leaves no gaps, this tree in particular is one of the most appealing in the range. The soft green hue creates a natural feel and as the branches carry their needles down just a few inches from the ground – your home could look like it has sprouted its very own fir.

The New Hampshire Super Deluxe Pine

If a frosted look is more your cup of tea, this festive tree may well be the ideal solution. It’s simply full of pine needles that clump together naturally, giving the tree a magical aura that has to be seen up to close to truly be appreciated.

The Montana Pine

This tree, as well as the Appalachian Pine, the Monarch and the Scandia Spruce all share one thing in common – and that’s that the needles are coloured a darker green. For fans of nature, you’ll likely notice that this deeper hue denotes the tones commonly associated with evergreen trees. Each of the aforementioned trees feature a conical shape that appears naturally, but if you’d prefer a more unique aesthetic; the Edinburgh Pine comes in the same colour, but boasts a more random structure.

The Cone Tree

Anyone that’s visited a major city near Christmas will have undoubtedly seen a conical tree of some type – and this one has been designed to reflect that modern, freshly trimmed style that’s become so synonymous with the festive period. With layer after layer of greenery, you’ll be able to fit your own lights, or leave the tree standing proud at 6 feet tall for all to enjoy.

What is truly unique about each and every tree offered by is that they are crafted with care, quality controlled and boast some of the most natural features imaginable. And with each tree being more than capable of use year after year – your investment will go a very long way in defining the atmosphere of your festive celebrations.