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Christmas Trees


Our trees are designed to last! We know they are not the cheapest on the market, so what makes them better and worth the investment:
  • The tips are stronger than many other trees on the market. They are made of 19 gauge wire which is 1.1mm thick so your decorations stay secured to the branch and they don't droop.
  • The top of the tree is made with even thicker wire to make sure your tree topper stays in place.
  • The foliage on our trees comes close the ground so you are not paying for a pole with no foliage. If you want to lift your tree up off the ground we have an extension pole which makes this possible.
  • All Triumph Christmas trees come with a 10 year warranty. (The Triumph tree is the majority of our tree range. We do also sell a few Raz Imports Pre-lit trees. These trees have a 5 year tree warranty and 3 year lights warranty).