Green Baubles - Various Sizes

Size: 7cm (20 pk) - $49.95

Shatterproof emerald green bauble packs in 4 bauble sizes.

  • The 7cm size is a perfect bauble to scatter through your tree to either fill it out a little, or to create a pop of colour in a tree that is otherwise monotone. They are also perfect in a vase or bowl to add instant Christmas cheer to any corner of your home.
  • 10cm are another great scatter/filler bauble and also excellent in wreaths and garlands,
  • 12cm size is used to create a diamond pattern background colour to your tree to help infuse a sense of organisation to the tree. This size is ideal for trees under 2.3m tall, or in the top half of taller trees,
  • 15cm baubles are pushed a little further into the tree to create the diamond background. Use on the lower half of the trees when the tree is above about 2.2m.