Regal Spruce Christmas Tree

Heights: 1.98m - $919


This Christmas tree was created 2 years ago to provide the ultimate deluxe styling.  The branches are a mix of hard and soft needle giving a very realistic finish.  The branches are lovely and full, and there are enough of them to ensure the overall appearance of the tree is very full.  The foliage comes very close to the ground to give a quality finish.  (If you need to make a bit more room for gifts you can add the extension pole at the base of the foliage which lifts the foliage up 15cm).


  • Made with 6cm hard and soft needles and 6cm inner tips-foliage
  • Floor Space Required/Approx. tree width: 180cm (for 2.28m tree)
  • 1.98m has 808 tips
  • 2.28m has 1438 tips
  • Complete with a sturdy metal stand at no extra charge
  • An assembly instruction leaflet
  • A free shaping, lighting and decorating guide for your Christmas tree
  • A picture of your tree fully assembled for you to copy
  • A branch count, colour indication and positioning on pole leaflet
  • A 10 year warranty card
  • Branches come close to the floor
  • Colour: Green
  • 1.98m tree has a floor width of 155cm and the 2.28m tree has a floor width of 180cm.