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Top 7 Christmas 2014 Decorating Trends

Each year when we head to the Dallas Gift Market the big question is "what's new"? What are we going to see we haven't seen before, or what will we see everywhere that makes it very clear there is a new trend in town? This year was no exception. 2014 was the fourth time I've been to the Dallas Market and I still find it inspiring and a bit over-whelming. There were a few stand out trends this year that we noticed in many of the supplier showrooms. The list below is in no particular order, and as I sit here going through my hundreds of photos from Dallas I could probably add another 4-6 strong themes very easily (maybe I'll do that in another post). Let me know what you think of these styles.

1. Burlap and naturals. Burlap has been around for a couple of years but continued to dominate in displays throughout the Market. As well as seeing it in the States, we have noticed a number of Australian suppliers now offering burlap and naturals in their 2014 range. Burlap looks gorgeous added to soft golds/champagnes and cream tones, or add browns and woodland creatures for a completely different style. Burlap Christmas decorations 2. Frosted theme I love this theme. White has been growing popularity, but with the addition of the frosted trims and clear glass it creates a fun but also elegant theme. This year polar bears are big, as well as the reindeers and squirrels we have seen around for a couple of years. Frosted Christmas Decorations Touch of Bling This was a strong new trend for 2014. Rhinestone style decorations in silver, champagne and even more 'on trend' colours such as yellow. Christmas has always had a bit of bling but this has taken it to a new level. Touch of bling Christmas decorations Champagne Class Champagne (the softer toning of gold) has been a popular choice for Christmas decorating for the past 5 or so years. Such an elegant choice, this year we saw it used by itself, as well as paired with the naturals, bronze and brown tones. Also, it is a fabulous base colour to then just add a pop of colour with a small red decoration scattered through the tree. I can't see champagne loosing it's appeal any time soon. Champagne Christmas decorations Red and Green Classic!! Red and apple or lime green have been such a popular choice for Christmas decorating for 4-5 years. This year we saw the addition of a bit of the more traditional emerald green colour, but the pop created by the brighter green tones is just so much fun. In the past we have seen red and green married with gold or silver, but this year we also saw more mixes with white. Another interesting option is to add a pop of black (such as the trendy chevron ribbons, or a black/white polka dot) to create the 'wow' factor. Red and Green Christmas Decorations Chevron In 2013 Chevron was around in loads of household accessories such as cushions, tea towels, etc. This year we saw the addition of chevron printed ornaments as well as a great range of chevron ribbons. Chevron is being used to add a little punch the natural tones through burlap ribbons, as well as being a great choice for strong red and white or black and white themes for the trees. Chevron Christmas Decorations Naturals I've personally not been a fan of the naturals in the past because they have had more of a country feel to them. This year we were seeing far more naturals with a more contemporary slant. The naturals were being used by themselves, or blended with other tones. One of my favourite combinations was the inclusion of taupe, bronze and champagne colours with the natural focus. Natural tone Christmas decorations So there you have it, our first wrap up of the 2014 Christmas decorating trends. As I mentioned above I think I'm going to have to create another post because there are so many more trends I was loving from both the Dallas Market and our buying from the Australian suppliers. So stay tuned!!Save