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Top 10 Christmas Themes for 2016

We are delighted to present our Christmas Themes 2016. These trend boards are the consolidation of our buying trips throughout Australia and overseas. We look at the variation stylings and colour groupings we see at the various showrooms to create our summary of the coming season.

Christmas decorating should always be about what brings you joy. We hope these boards will help inspire ideas on how to use existing decorations, and incorporate new pieces, to create vignettes, or tree themes that make you smile every time you look at them. Please let us know which are your favourite boards. We would love your feedback.

Christmas Themes 2016: Winter Woodlands

We have seen the popularity of the natural elements - branches, woodland creatures, etc, over a few years now. What started as very Scandinavian in style, this style is now more minimalist natural 'chic'. These understated pieces are perfectly matched to the home decor trends of today. We particular enjoy working them into the home decor trend colours of grey, pale pink or deep blue. winter-woodlands

Christmas Themes 2016: Under the Mistletoe

The most traditional of the themes Under the Mistletoe takes us back to the 50's. Christmas elves have been popular for about 5 years, and they maintain their importance as part of the traditional range. This theme also delights in carolers, lanterns and snow globes. under-the-mistletoe

Christmas Themes 2016: Tinsel Town

Tinsel Town is another theme which takes part of it's inspiration from the 50's. The touch of black in the top hats, chalkboard ornaments and checker print conjure up feelings of Christmas' past. These black decorations also product a stunning "pop" to the predominantly red and white colour scheme. tinsel-town

Christmas Themes 2016: Silvery Moon

Elegant but with a modern twist. Last year we saw the lighter and mid tone blues, but this year there has been a real focus on the deeper cobalt blue to contrast against these softer shades. Predominantly blue is used with silver, as highlighted in this theme, however the cobalt blue was also a big mover paired with champagne gold at a number of supplier's this year. (Champagne and cobalt would be my additional theme board if I could have one more) silver-moon

Christmas Themes 2016: Platinum Night

Platinum (or champagne gold) is the lightest tone of gold. These softer shades of gold have been popular for many years as they create elegance and grace for any Christmas setting. Where we see a difference this year is with the introduction of soft sage green to the mix. Creams, champagne and platinum gold and sage green ooze sophistication, and I can't wait to set up our feature display tree in these tones this year. platinum-night

Christmas Themes 2016: Naughty or Nice

In my home, while I love the sophistication and elegance of the golds, or soft tones, we always come back to whimsical fun in our decorating. Christmas for us is about having fun with the kids, and the growth of the range for our theme Naughty or Nice makes me very happy. Red and green are the predominant colours, with pops of emerald green, and a little touch of blue and pink. Where we're seeing the biggest difference in the theme is the use of more and more picks, or flowers, or leaves (ie. decorations that are pushed into the tree rather than hung on the tree, and generally they spray out of the tree creating more volume). The elf butt was around last year, but now we see more Santa and Elf pieces, Santa butt, and Reindeer picks to set into to tree to create loads of fun and style. naughty-or-nice

Christmas Themese 2016: Metal Magic

We've seen it in homewares, and we've seen it in jewellery, with the growth of copper and rose gold as the metals of choice. Well, we are also seeing it in Christmas. Copper continues to be a prominant part of this theme, and this year we're seeing more rose gold, and softening of the overall look with a little less of the darker browns, and a bit more use of softer golds and pewter tones. These colours are perfect for vignettes with today's simplistic styling. metal-magic

Christmas Themes 2016: Holiday Dazzle

Wow! So much fun. I have to admit I wasn't originally overly excited by this theme, but when I started to play with decorations for our photo shoot, it was these colours and designs that created the biggest impact and made me very happy. Gold and White, and Black and White, with loads of polka dots and stripes, are the back bones to the theme, with flashes of hot pink to add sparkle. holiday-dazzle

Christmas Themes 2016: Dreaming of a White Christmas

While we might enjoy a summer Christmas in Australia, we still love the fun and elegance of a white Christmas. Soft shades of cream, soft white, white and frosted ornaments feature in this theme, but this year we've also seen the introduction of soft pink or pale blue or mint in the look. dreaming-of-white-christmas

Botanic Traditions

Another example of traditional Christmas colours, this trend focuses on the beauty of flowers, berries, and leaf picks to add stunning style and a modern take to these Christmas tones. What really finishes off the look is the use of opulently decorated glass baubles in the gold, red and green tones which bring a level of elegance and sophistication to a look that might otherwise appear more rustic. botanic-traditions Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save SaveSave