How to Make a Table Top Christmas Garland

It is so easy to make a table top Christmas garland, and this short video shows you everything you need to know. Table top garlands are such a wonderful way to create stylish Christmas displays to any table top surface. Decorate the middle of the dining table, the mantel piece, across the sofa table - the opportunities are endless.

At the core there are only 2 essential items for creating stunning garland displays. What do you need:

If you invest in quality garland and lights you can then change the look of your display each year. And, when you first set up your display, if your budget is a bit tight then just display the lit garland without decorations - it looks beautiful all by itself.

This video shows you some of the techniques we use when creating decorated garlands. Have fun decorating this Christmas, and enjoy our video "How to Make a Table Top Christmas Garland".

Here are a few more photos of garland designs to help inspire you as you create! elf-garland

Gold Christmas Mantel display Christmas garland with presentsSave