How to Choose a Christmas Wreath

If you don't decorate the outside of your home for Christmas the one thing you are likely to have is a wreath. The wreath style sets the tone for your decorating style so what should you consider when buying or creating a wreath?

1. Colours: Do you want it to match with your interior display? It isn't necessary because there is obviously clear separation between the two locations, but it might be important to you.

2. Security: Can you secure your wreath to the door? Unfortunately this is something we must consider these days. My wreath, for example, can be wired onto my security door so I'm very confident no-one will go to the trouble of taking it from my door. Therefore, I'm also comfortable having a more expensive wreath on my door. If security is a concern, don't over invest in your wreath.

3. Size: Most doors can take a 45 or 60cm wreath. If you have double doors you might want two smaller wreaths rather than one large.

4. Weather: If your front door is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of the day, you are likely to have fading on any wreath you purchase. A green wreath base normally holds its colour quite well. You may be best choosing a good quality wreath base and changing the decorations every few years depending on the level of fading. (This also gives you a good excuse to change your colours)

Here are a couple of wreath ideas to get you started. Also, check out our Pinterest page for decorating your front door. wreath_with_boots [caption id="attachment_513" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Save