Easter Recipe: Chocolate Mousse Egg

I've seen so many gorgeous Easter desserts on Pinterest I had to give one of them a go. So last night my family were pretty happy guinea pigs for a pre-Easter dessert extravaganza.

And I have to tell you this was one of the easiest desserts I've made. For you guys who would like to try it yourselves:

Ingredients (this is for 4 desserts):

- packet of pre-made mini pavlova bases (I bought mine from Woolworths)

- 4 chocolate eggs about 10cm tall

- punnet of raspberries

- thickened cream (600ml)

- 100grams toblerone

- 2 eggs

- Cadbury candy covered eggs

- Raspberry coulis


Preparing the Eggs: - Boiled some water and put in a cup. Put my sharp knife in the cup to heat the blade, then wiped off the water and used the heat of the knife to help cut the eggs without them cracking. - The empty egg carton was also a great help in holding the eggs in position, and for when I poured in the mousse.


Mousse: - I used the Australian Women's Weekly Toblerone Mousse recipe. This isn't too heavy which is important on such a rich dessert. - Once the mousse was made I carefully pored it into the egg shells. I also filled the lids of the eggs (optional) and put in the fridge to set.

Putting it all together: - This was so simple. Beat your cream (we added icing sugar to ours because none of us are big cream fans). - If you want, pipe the cream into place, otherwise spoon it onto the pavlova base. - Add your egg then berries, mini eggs and chocolates and you are ready to serve. Doesn't get much easier than this.

Happy Easter Everyone!Save