Decorating my Home for Christmas, 2017

We moved into our new home in January 2016. It is a lovely Californian Bungalow, and I adore it.

This year we were not having Christmas at our home, but instead I decided to open my home to our wonderful MyChristmas VIP's and invite them to get into the Christmas spirit and see my display.

My personal style is simple Christmas whimsy. I don't like a lot of clutter, so instead focus on a few key display areas in my home. I use to have a lovely stair case (which is the only item I miss from the old home) but now I have a fabulous porch and double doors to create my Christmas display.

This year I focused on:

  • 2 Christmas trees
  • a display of Patience Brewster deer in my front living room
  • a display on my hall sofa table
  • a touch of Christmas in the back living room
  • decorating the front of my home

There are 2 elements you always see lots of in my decorating- garlands and fairy lights. You can't go wrong adding these pieces to your display.

Please enjoy these photos of my home. I hope you find them inspiring. I would love your thoughts on your preferred Christmas style.