Christmas Trends 2017

Each year we create our summary of the Christmas trends based on our visits to Australian and overseas markets, suppliers and manufacturers. The 2017 trends include old favourites of red, green gold but also some stunning uses of blues and various tones of pink. Once again, we also see the use of black to give a dramatic 'pop' to one of the themes.

I have to say I find it very difficult to choose my favourite theme. I would love to know if you have a favourite/favourites.

What is Christmas without the traditional colours of red and green? This year we are seeing a bit of a nostalgic take on the traditional tones with lanterns and street lights in black with Christmas decorations spicing up the table top displays. We are also seeing a retro influence as part of this throw back to Christmas' past. We are also seeing a little less of the lime green in these traditional colours and more emphasis on the red and emerald green tones.

Peppermint Kitchen is a fresh take on the traditional tones of red and white, and the classic Christmas gingerbread theme. I love the inclusion of denim blue tones in this year's theme as a fresh addition to the palette. For me Christmas is about having fun, and this theme combines fun with style to tick both boxes.

Everything Merry is for every big kid who loves Christmas. It is all about having fun! Reindeer, Santa, trains, elves and the bright pops of lime/apple green combined with the traditional tones of emerald and red. I particularly like the focus on trains as part of this theme, which I'm sure is influenced by The Polar Express.

Red and gold are always traditional Christmas colours, but the inclusion of white and black add a real elegance to this theme. We have been seeing black and white decorations in America for a number of years but it has taken a while for these to take off in Australia. This theme allows the black and white to create the pop of freshness and style to change the look from a traditional to contemporary take on Christmas.

Champagne gold has been popular for a number of years now, but this theme incorporates the elegance of champagne gold with the soft beach tones of pale blue and pale green. It is a light and fresh theme that would look beautiful in today's light filled homes, whether in the suburbs or at the beach.

Christmas Romance is so plush. The raspberry tones are stunning and add richness, depth and creates such a classy (I know this is a bad word - but you know what I mean) finish. This tree also uses gorgeous burgundies and deeper reds, and then pops of mid tone green to add lightness to the overall look.

Blue has been popular for a number of years but this Christmas Dreams theme is highlighting more of the denim and grey/blues, combined with taupes and champagne golds, to create a stunning look. Like the "Deck the Shores" and "Whimsical Woodlands" the overall look is light and relaxed but also oh so elegant. (As you're reading these I hope you are seeing how completely confused I am trying to choose my favourite themes for the year. This is one of them, but I can't make up my mind.)

Whimsical Woodlands pulls on the popularity of the light wood and white tones of Scandinavian decor, and the popularity of sweet woodland creates we have seen for a few years. As well as the natural wood tones you find frosted tones and sometimes a pop of champagne gold to add just a little lustre.