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Christmas Shop 2015

Each year we work hard to unveil a new and exciting Christmas store at My Christmas. Our aim is always to excite and inspire with beautifully decorated Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and thousands of gorgeous hanging and table top decoration. Our 2015 Christmas Shop is no exception.

Here are some photos of our most current location. We have been here for 3 years and these photos show you some of our current and previous displays.

For those of you in Melbourne, or visiting Melbourne, our store is at 347 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills and is open September Monday - Saturday and October-December open 7 days a week. Let us know which are your favourite displays.

My Christmas Shop in Surrey Hills Melbourne Front of My Christmas Shop in Surrey Hills Melbourne "My Christmas" Melbourne Christmas shop Christmas tree displays at My Christmas Shop in Surrey Hills Melbourne Christmas tree display and various decorations from My Christmas "My Christmas" Melbourne Christmas shopSave