Connector Lights: Tree Adaptor

This handy adaptor makes lighting your tree a breeze.? Run up to 10 strings, each 10 metres long with 100 LED lights (each string sold separately).? By using the adaptor you can weave the lights up the tree one at a time - rather than struggling with long strings of lights which are far more likely to get tangled.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to light your tree. (In the video we use the older model suitable for only 5 strings. This new model offers even more flexibility).

10 x way adaptor and transformer which allows for up to 10 strings (1000 LED's) of our connector lights to be connected under the Christmas tree.


Can be connected to 10 strings of:

  • SM-100-CON-GY/GW/GM - 10 Strings (100 x LED globes each string) Indoor/Outdoor
  • up to 1000 LEDs from 1 transformer (Should be protected from the weather)
  • 2 adaptors (controller) - ( Should be protected from the weather)
  • 2 x 5 Connector leads
  • 2 Function twinkling (2 speeds) /Static