Santa's Hat Tree, 2.1m

A 2.1m tall narrower style tree, only requiring 89cm floor space.

When you purchase this tree you receive a traditional tree topper as well as a special Santa's hat tree topper to create this stunning whimsical style.

When tip fully bend down this tree is approximately 1.8m tall, and when you use the traditional topper it is 2.1m tall.

Please note:

  • The trees are due to arrive September/October however with deliveries delays they may be a littler later. 
  • These items are stored at our off-site warehouse in Dandenong so click and collect is not available.  If you wish to pick up from this location please email us after you place the order and we can arrange for you to collect.  We will then refund the delivery price for the tree in your order. (If you are ordering tree and decorations the decorations will still ship to you but a substantial part of the delivery cost will be for the tree and be refunded)