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Christmas Decorations at Eurodisney

Disney is magical. And Christmas decorations are magical. So the combination of the two has to be special. Therefore, as part of our trip to see the Christmas lights of Paris we decided it was essential (well, maybe not essential but certainly fun) to see Christmas decorations at Eurodisney.

Christmas Decorations at Eurodisney

Obviously Disney has a beautiful Christmas display. Garland and wreaths (changed to Mickey ears) adorn the entrance. A giant tree in the main square with a Winter Wonderland theme, and then additional garlands, wreaths and fairy lights down the Main Street.

Christmas Parade at Eurodisney

As well as the decorations they have 2 special events for Christmas. A Christmas parade and the lighting of the giant Christmas tree.

The parade is a sweet addition to the program with a number of Christmas themed floats and fun Christmas themed performers. While this is not the biggest of Disney parades, it is still worth including in your day’s itinerary.

Lighting of the Giant Christmas Tree at Disney

To finish our visit we stayed to watch the lighting of the giant Christmas tree. As with everything Disney it was very theatrical with Mickey, Minnie, Santa and a group of singers/performers helping with the ceremony.

During the day the tree looks lovely, but during this ceremony it’s colours change and lights shimmer for about 10 minutes. This is well worth watching.