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Do you have a retail or service business, or love the thought of starting a business but need advice?

My Experience and Who I Am:

I’ve owned and run My Christmas for over 17 years and during this time experienced the ups and downs of the retail market.  Starting as a pop up store, moving to a permanent retail location, then pivoting again to on-line only, I’ve experienced many facets of retail management.

As well as retail management, throughout the years we have offered installation and custom made decor which has given us a strong understanding of the nuances to providing a services based business.

I love business, and I love connecting with people in business and working together to  solve some of the many questions that arise in managing the day to day activities.  Finding simple paths through some of the many issues we face in business is my passion and I would love to work with you to help you find solutions to these problems.

So, if you are needing some help with your business plans we should connect. 

What I Offer:

Whilst still managing My Christmas I have dedicated a limited number of hours per week to work with other business owners via zoom consultations.  Each session is 1 hour long, plus half an hour prior to our session reviewing your business, or the industry you are considering entering.  

The total price for the session is AUS$ 149.00 but I look forward to working with business owners around the world.

The session is run via zoom and you receive a recording of our meeting together.

Here is a list of some of the areas I believe I can assist, but if you have other problems you are trying to solve send me an email and I’ll let you know whether I have expertise that may help you.


  • Are socials worth worrying about for your business?  
  • Which social platforms should I focus on?  
  • How do I maximise the potential return from my socials?  
  • Is YouTube worth the effort?  
  • I’m terrified of going Live - what else can I do to connect with my followers?
  • Why aren't people staying in my store longer?
  • How do I increase average order value?
  • Make it easy for customers to buy from you.
  • Low cost ways to 'wow' your customers (in-store or online)


  • Do you need to pivot and want to talk through possible solutions? 
  • Are you thinking of starting a new business but have some specific concerns? 
  • How do I manage my stock levels? 
  • I don’t want to offer discounts but my sales are slow - what else could I do?  
  • Do you need to hire experts or are there other ways to improve results?


  • Is this the platform for me? 
  • What apps might I use? 
  • How can I get the best out of collections/tags.

Christmas Installation Business

  • Is this right for me?

Hand made business

  • I make products but am not making money.  What could I change?

What I Offer

 I believe my strength lies in finding simple, actionable solutions to some of the low hanging fruits in your business.  I believe we can so easily get caught up with what we think we should be doing, and caught up in implementing these more difficult solutions, when there are easy answers right in front of us.

My Guarantee

I cannot solve all your problems in a 1 hour consultation.   However, if I cannot offer you at least a couple of snippets of advice that helps you see the path more clearly then you are welcome to a full refund.  This guarantee is not based on whether you implement the ideas or not (as that is not controlled by me) but on your feedback within a couple of hours of our meeting.   Tell me it didn’t work and we will immediately refund your payment.

What's Next

Email and Melinda will touch base to arrange an appointment time and to ensure we have all the necessary information prior to our consultation.

We are in Australia and look forward to connecting with business owners anywhere in the world.  We can work with you to find a consultation time that is suitable for both our time zones.