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In-Store Appointments

We can't wait to see you in-store.  By working via this appointment system we want to provide you with a comfortable and relaxed visit to the store, and ensure you can enjoy your time in our Christmas Wonderland. 

Please book for the number of people who are attending the session with you.  The bookings allow up to 55 minutes to ensure the store.  

As the current recommendations are to limit direct contact, even when keeping the 1.5m social distancing rule, if you require personal assistance from our staff that is likely to take longer than 15 minutes (ie one-on-one custom solution assistance) we will take information from you and then come back to you with images and suggestions for your consideration.  We are trying to limit direct contact to under the 15 minutes.

By booking a time, for the comfort and safety of all you are agreeing:

  • Use hand sanitiser as you enter the store.
  • Fitted face mask must be warn over the nose whilst in our store.
  • You and members of your booking, have no symptoms of Corona Virus, and if you do develop symptoms within 14 days of visiting please could you let us know so we can take the necessary precautions.
  • To keep your distance from other clients in the store.
  • Recognise staff may be limited in their ability to offer one-on-one support in-store if the consultation is more than 15 minutes, and allow us to help you via phone and video to create your solution, if required.
  • If there are customers booked for the session after yours please respect you will be required to leave 55 minutes after the allocated start time for your appointment.
  • Please pay via debit or credit card as cash is not accepted at this time.  

Finally, by making this booking on-line we are able to contact you if we hear a visitor to our store has tested positive.

We thank you for your understanding, and for working with us in understanding the safety of our staff and visitors is our number one priority.  By taking these measures we hope you can enjoy your visit to our store.