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North Pole Gateway

Dash Away, inspired by the Christmas classic “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” features Santa’s eight reindeer ready to take flight around the world, assisted by their delightfully dedicated elves, Santa, and Mrs. Santa. 

The Patience Brewster Dash Away North Pole Gateway Display is the entrance to the magical North Pole and the snowy centerpiece for your Dashaway (or Moonbeam) collection. Designed to hold both tea lights or ornaments on its gold platforms, ornaments can also hang from the swirls on the roof or the Santa Claus monogrammed sides. This piece is made for embellishing our Dashaway or Moonbeam collections but works with all our ornaments.  

Approximately 42cm wide, 42cm tall and 20cm deep.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE - MAY 2021: This is a pre-order item. Please choose "pre-order" as your payment option and do not pay for this yet.  We need to confirm 100% with our supplier that these are arriving in time to deliver to us.  As soon as we know (which will be early June) we will contact you and either create a lay-by plan or take deposit or full payment.  Thank you for understanding - we are trying to do our best to ensure we don't disappoint you with stock delivery delays.