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Kit to create Halloween Cone

This kit has all the materials you need to create your own Halloween cone decoration.  We are 2 sets available to dispatch 9th September and the remainder will dispatch around 24th September.  In the kit you will find:

  • papier mache cone approximately 40cm.
  • 2 tubes of black glitter.
  • 1 tube of magenta, orange/copper mix and purple glitter.
  • Roll of wire wrap.
  • Bundle of wire.
  • 50cm piece of Marabou trim.
  • Cut black cardboard circles.
  • Fine paintbrush.
  • Acrylic paint 2oz black.
  • Foam base for use when drying painted/glittered wire.
  • Pack of 12 x 25 and 30mm diameter foam balls.

The items you will also need that are not included:

  • Hot glue gun (this is the best way to attach the wires to the cone and the marabou trim.  (You will find hot glue guns in our craft supplies area).
  • Craft glue (we used Mod Podge) for attaching glitter.

Our Facebook Live's have instructions and we will create