"MC Member" Program - 2024

Join the MC Membership Program for an annual charge of $49.00, and you receive:
  • 20% off all full priced products,
  • Early release of kits and limited stock arrivals,
  • Early release of our annual Clearance catalogue.

Important Note: 

We do not automatically renew this membership.  Each year you choose if you wish to re-join so there is no automated taking money from your account annually.

  • Purchase the MC Member Program on it's own.  Once we receive your order we will email you with a special discount code to be applied for every purchase you make.  This will then take 20% off your the total cart value.  You must add this discount code for every purchase you make.


  • This membership is designed for personal use and is not valid for use by others, or for commercial purchases.
  • Your membership is valid until 31st December, 2024.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be purchased via the MC Member Program.  (The 20% discount will be added to any member of the program when they make their product purchase using a gift card).