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Appalachian Pine

This is a very realistic looking tree and another in our deluxe range. We have designed a Pine tree that looks and feels like a natural pine tree, only this one will not shed its needles.? A mixture of 3" hard needles and 3" soft inner needles creates the appearance of a very plush, realistic tree.

The 1.98m version of this tree is exclusive to My Christmas.

Foliage reaches close to the ground, but with the upswept styling the stand is visible. To see our video on how to set up your Christmas tree click here.

Colour: Dark Green

1.98m 632 tips and 1.32cm wide

2.28m 996 tips and 1.52m wide.

NOTE: All trees are considered bulky. 1.98m Appalachian is "small bulky" and 2.28m Appalachian is "medium bulky". To see all delivery costs click here.