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    Ponderosa Pine Christmas Tree


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    The Ponderosa uses a mix of hard needle wide tips and softer foliage. The use of darker and lighter green tips makes this pine one of our most realistic. This tree is particularly popular with people who are moving from a real to an artificial tree.

    The 1.8m Ponderosa was introduced in 2106 and became an immediate best seller, just like the taller variety.

    The Ponderosa featured in House & Garden Magazine.

    Note: The 1.5 and 1.8m versions of the Ponderosa are considered "small bulky" items for delivery. The 2.1m Ponderosa is "medium bulky". To see the delivery cost to your State click here.

    Height Tips Width Price
    1.8m (6ft) 626 115cm $375
    2.1m (7ft) 1046 153cm $589